Due Diligence Services

As a trusted due diligence consultant, RMC Realty Advisors provides the necessary resources to critically evaluate real estate investments. Our expertise doesn’t only come from being able to find answers to critical questions—it’s knowing which questions to ask in the first place that can be crucial for the success of real estate investments.


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Asking the Right Questions, Finding the Right Answers

A Few of Our Due Diligence Services Include

  • Engage and coordinate physical, environmental, and seismic consultants, then review, analyze, and summarize published findings
  • Critically evaluate financial underwriting assumptions, then perform sensitivity analyses to effectively underwrite acquisition opportunities
  • Develop operating budgets, multi-year cash flow projections, and asset valuations
  • Prepare cost-benefit (hold/sell) analyses to support property repositioning, rehabilitation, and other capital improvement programs
Due Diligence Consulting

Complimentary Portfolio Review

Receive a complimentary review and analysis of your current real estate portfolio, which will allow you to step away from the day to day management and focus on your core business or other interests.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Our primary goal at RMC Realty Advisors is to allow our clients to step away from the day to day oversight of their valuable real estate assets.   Because of the ownership mentality and experience we bring to each assignment, our clients can focus on their core businesses and/or start spending more time with other interests.

  • Both asset managers (investment advisors) and property managers play important, but separate roles in their oversight of real property. Property Managers are typically tasked with day to day oversight of the assets, such collection of rent, payment of operating expenses, financial reporting, and preparation of the annual operating budgets.   In contrast, the Asset Manager is responsible for formulating and implementing the strategic management, leasing, and eventual disposition plans for each property.  The asset manager also forecasts monthly cash flow and owner distributions, plus works directly with the property’s leasing team to set market rents and negotiate lease transactions with tenants.

  • Over the last 24 years, the experienced professionals at RMC Realty Advisors have successfully acquired, managed, leased, and sold various product types, including office, retail, industrial, multi-family, mixed use, and self storage.

  • Yes, RMC Realty Advisors can either oversee assets in California for out-of-state or foreign investors or manage out of state assets for California-based investors.   Our asset management team has managed multiple products types across the country.

  • Rather than a one-size fits all approach, RMC Realty Advisors hires management and leasing teams based on the product type and geographic location of each asset.    If you would prefer to retain existing property management and leasing agents, RMC Realty Advisor is happy to continue those relationships.

Due Diligence Consulting

RMC Realty Advisors Delivers

Real estate investments can be complex to manage even for full-time real estate professionals. It’s natural to have questions or concerns, and we want you to consider RMC Realty Advisors as a resource you can reach out to at any time. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.